Fracture of the mandibular symphysis in a dog

The dog was referred to our practice by another veterinarian due to the complexity of his injury and the peculiarities of the orthopaedic treatment of the head. The jaw was broken in the front. In the past, the restoration was done with plates and screws and even with external osteosynthesis; however, after many investigations, the use of resin and special orthopaedic wire is now considered the method with the most advantages. The use of plates and screws causes the tooth roots to die and the teeth to fall out later.

The patient was admitted in this condition

The fracture has been repositioned

The mucosa was sutured, and the special wire and material applied in preparation for the resin

Photopolymerization with a special lamp for stabilizing the resin

The final result.

The patient received a special diet for six weeks and then returned to his previous condition and lifestyle.

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