Veterinary Surgery in Stoupa

First care veterinary in Mani

We are now looking back on two years of existence of our veterinary surgery in Kalamata and during this time we have come into contact with pet owners from all of Messinia. The time for a step forward has come and as we are especially fond of the Mani we decided to make our move there. We were particularly worried about the fact that quite a few owners of the many pets in the area find it difficult to bring their pets into our Kalamata surgery. After having considered various ideas how to help in the best possible way, we thought the best solution would be opening a veterinary surgery in Stoupa.

Our goal is to offer our services throughout the Mani, of course.
We are offering the following services in Stoupa:

• Vaccinations
• Antiparasitical treatments
• Blood analysis
• Biochemical blood analysis (in cooperation with Kalamata surgery)
• Small procedures
• Neutering and spaying
• Tooth cleaning with ultrasonic scaler
• Implantation of microchip
• Medical treatment
• Pet food – accessories

Monday 10:00-13:00
Tuesday 17:00-20:00
Thursday 10:00-12:00
By appointment only

telephone 27210-28674 and 6945-410085

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