Katerina Kotsinonou

Katerina was born in Kalamata in 1996. She graduated from the vocational school of Kalamata in 2014 having specialized as ” Assistant Baby and Toddler Nurse in the Field of Health and Welfare ”. Because of her great love for animals she decided to become a team member in the Pet Animals Clinic of Kostas Antonopoulos and Eleni Tsoupa where she has been working as a veterinary assistant from 2015 until this day. In 2016 she began her studies at IEK Kalamata as a “Technician of Pharmaceutics, Cosmetics and Similar Products”. She has computer knowledge, speaks English and excellent Polish. She is a proud “mom” of a stray dog that she has adopted.

Katerina is responsible for the reception desk at the clinic and helps as veterinary assistant. Don’t hesitate to ask her anything about non-medical subjects.

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