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The procedure of spaying

The procedure of spaying

In our veterinary surgery

For an expert veterinary surgeon spaying is a routine procedure. Thousands of such procedures have taken place in our surgery over the past years and we haveacquired the experience necessary to spay even very small or very large, overweight or elderly animals. Every case demands a different approach because every animal needs to be anaesthetized and operated on in a different way.
The procedure is preceded by a clinical examination of the animal in order to check heart function, breathing, mucous membranes and temperature. Blood values are examined and a biochemical analysis is made so that the result can be the best possible one.


A sedative is then injected and a venous catheter is placed. An antibiotic as well as an anti-inflammatory drug and a pain killer are administered.General anesthesia is then induced and tubes are being placed so the animal can be connected to the oxygen and gas anesthesia machines as well as to the control monitor which checks the vital functions.
The inhalation gas anesthesia machine allows for very good control during the procedure and the strength of the anesthesia can be easily in- and decreased – that way the animal wakes up immediately after the end of surgery and can walk on its own.
During surgery a diathermy machine, which helps reduce bleeding to a minimum, is used. The incision is very small and is sutured internally with a technique used in plastic surgery. That way the sutures are inside the wound and will be absorbed by the body.Since there are no external sutures the animal could try to take out no E-collar is needed. The internal stitches are absorbed within a few days. The used sutures are of impeccable quality and packed in individual sterile envelopes. We do not use bulk sutures which are less expensive but can cause infections.
The animal can wake up right after surgery and is able to walk on its own. One and a half hour after inducing anesthesia (the procedure itself lasts about 20 minutes in our surgery) the animal can go home with its owner. There is no reason for a stay in our surgery unless it is judged necessary by us.
The same goes for cats where the incision made has a length of only 1 to 2 centimeters and sutures are also made internally and absorbed, excluding the danger of the animal taking out its own sutures.
Thus the animal can go straight home and no further measures are necessary. The owner should of course check up on the wound on a daily basis in order to be sure that everything is well. And the animal should be kept from uncontrolled movement and jumping from heights for the first week following surgery.
Since an antibiotic and a pain killer have already been administered presurgically no medication is necessary after the procedure. Only when it is judged necessary by us or in case of the occurrence of complications does the animal have to take further medication. This way we avoid unnecessary use of drugs and are aligned with the most recent scientific standard which calls for a minimum use of antibiotics in order to avoid antibiotic resistance.
As soon as the animal has reached the age of five or six months it can be safely spayed. It is certainly not necessary to wait for the first heat (which can sometimes occur as late as at the age of 12 months). All studies show that the probability of occurrence of future mammary tumors (one of the most common causes of death) is reduced to almost zero the sooner after the fifth month of live the animal is spayed!
Until today the most old-fashioned opinions about spaying can be heard in Greece, like: spaying is against nature. These opinions are responsible for the large number of stray animals due to unwanted pregnancies, for deaths due to pyometra, mammary tumors, cervical tumors, ovary tumors…and so on…
Don’t lose any more time: give your animal this „gift” and have it spayed!


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